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¡¡¡¡Jiangsu Anjie Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a special enterprise producing and selling various auto parts, which is a new scientific and technological enterprise rising in the twenty-first century, being located in the North Jiangsu Plain and Shore of Huanghai Sea. We always insist on the? faith ¡® go after constant innovation & improvement of products, and constant perfect quality¡¯ from foundation. At present, we take talented person as capital , take science and technology as stands for the factory , take high quality as chiefly importance ,and take building up Anjie brand as target. The company is managed persisting in developing people-oriented , being of one heart and one mind , harmonious development. We are willing to cooperating with persons of outstanding ability hand in hand to create resplendence.
¡¡¡¡Our country is becoming an powerful economic one step by step , the national income improves unceasingly, the possession of automobile is increasing, the one-off consumption of the brake pad and friction disc is more increasing intensely, however, the internal line of brake pad and friction disc has a common characteristic, production scale is small , technology contents are low, being unable to suit for the rapid development of automobile industry and having no way to meet up the requirement of domestic entire vehicle factory, so that so far high quality products are mainly dependent on import from foreign countries. View of this condition, we introduced into ?the most advanced equipment and handicraft in twenty-first century to enter the marketplace with high starting point, mainly producing high-end product , to replace import and match named vehicles. At the same time, we use the primary product with high quality to lead the middle and low-grade marketplace ,to expand enterprise reputation. At present we already had four complete brake pad production lines. Annual productivity is up to 3,000,000 sets of production base , also we are preparing for construction of production bases for 5,000,000 sets of brake pads and clutch facing. We already established development Dept. and technical Dept., one international marketing center and one domestic marketing centers in Shanghai. Our staffs try their best to make the first-class world friction material production enterprise, to became into a study-style, specialized modern enterprise in the near future, forming ourselves characteristic economy and brand effect.
¡¡¡¡The quality, the market, the talented person are the growth superiority, also are our forever pursue. ¡°Carry out modern management, infinitely pursue high-quality goods, bravely create international brand, honestly supply the over value service¡± is our long-time quality policy.Aiming at the international market demand, Anjie person are taking ¡®face the new century, aim at fresh target, reach new stage, creates new resplendence¡¯ as the goal, to produce satisfied serial products for customers, to supply over value service in order to set a strong ability, strong development ability and competitive ability to suit for system match, module supply to participate in international division.

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